Why Choose Private

When it comes to your health, you want to ensure you have the best doctor, hospitals, timelines and options on your side.

Choose your specialist

Choosing a private hospital also means choosing the specialist who will deliver your care. Whether it is private maternity care where your obstetrician and midwife team will be with you every step of the way from pregnancy to post-partum or elective surgery where your specialist will deliver all your care.

Building a relationship with the person and team who will deliver your care is important and that indepth, personalised care is what private hospitals provide.

Shorter waiting times

Choosing a private hospital means choosing when you have your elective surgery. You can choose the time and date that suits your life, so your surgery is not only performed faster than through the public system, but when you need it.

Waiting times for surgery are lower in the private hospital system, private hospitals make an effort to ensure the surgery is done quickly, professionally and with the highest quality care.

Private room

Private hospitals take care of the small details that make a hospital stay more enjoyable. You can have a private room, order your own food and take advantage of the high quality care available.

Private hospitals understand that new mums want their partner with them and their baby, they recognise that parents need support in the first weeks of welcoming their bundle of joy – these are just some of the many
benefits of choosing private.

Facts about private

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