The Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) is one of the most influential and respected health sector lobby groups in Australia.

Our members look to the Association for leadership and guidance on vital issues impacting the business of hospital operations. APHA is the largest national body for private hospitals in Australia and lobbies, advocates, promotes and liaises on behalf of the entire membership. The Association has a strong internal communications network with its members. By joining with, and supporting APHA you have the opportunity to share in a highly influential organisation, stay up-to-date with industry news and information, and enhance relationships and greater opportunities across the sector.

APHA has a diverse membership that includes both private hospital members and non-hospital industry partners as associate members. APHA welcomes membership enquiries all year round. Please contact APHA for detailed information on the benefits of membership, application, and membership fee structure.

Why become a member

There are many benefits to joining APHA and the application process for both hospital members and associate members is straightforward and simple.


  • Access to a Network of Information (including, the National Procedure Banding Schedule – FREE via the web)
  • Elevated profile
  • Industry leadership and direction
  • The annual APHA National Congress and trade expo
  • Contacts and networks
  • Recognition of achievement
  • E-Marketing and communication
  • Education and development opportunities

Types of membership

Private hospital members

APHA accepts applications from accredited Australian private hospitals and welcomes a diversity of private hospitals, including:

  • Large and small private hospitals
  • Day surgeries
  • For-profit and not-for-profit hospitals
  • Group and independent facilities
  • Metropolitan and regional facilities Australia-wide
  • Medical/surgical hospitals
  • Specialist hospitals
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Rehabilitation hospitals

Associate members and sponsors

Health sector industry suppliers and other organisations may apply for Associate Membership with APHA. There are also limited and exclusive sponsorship opportunities open depending on availability (limited to 10 Major Sponsors and 1 Diamond Sponsor per year). APHA’s Associate Members & Sponsor organisations include:

  • Medical supply/technology developers
  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies
  • Superannuation fund
  • IT providers and data management firms
  • Insurance specialists
  • Government Departments

How to join

For further information about the benefits of membership for hospital members or associate members, membership pricing and dues, and to obtain a copy of the membership application form, please direct enquiries to the Office and Membership Manager on 02 6273 9000 or info@apha.org.au.