Mental Health Week 2021 resources

Download our Mental Health Week resources to help Australians start talking about the elephant in the room.

On this page you will find posters you can print, social media images you can use on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, an email footer and our new mindful elephant.


To download the poster for display, click on the image, download and print.

Social Media Tiles

These social media tiles are ready to be incorporated to any of your social media channels to help raise awareness of mental health week.

Desktop: Just right click on the image and select save to save the file.

Mobile: Place your finger and hold it on the image until a menu pops up on the screen. Tap Save photo/image.

Mindful Elephant

Australia’s private hospitals care for about 43,000 people every year. A large number of those patients present with anxiety and depression. Four million Australians experience a common mental disorder, like anxiety and depression, each year.

One popular way to calm the mind and take some time out from a busy day is colouring in. While many adults have not done this since childhood, it has become an accepted mindfulness activity. Take some time out from your busy day to colour in the mindfulness elephant in the room and do your bit to raise awareness of mental health.

Share your creation with us by posting a photo of your elephant on social media with the hashtag #MHW2021 to go in the draw to win a $100 Westfield gift voucher. To download the poster for colouring, click on the image, download and print.

Email Footer

This image can be included in your email signature to show your support for Mental Health Week.