Our purpose

APHA’s core purpose is to ensure the ongoing development of the private hospital industry.

Our aims

APHA aims to make a contribution to Australia’s economic and social wellbeing by influencing the legislative and regulatory environment in a positive way, in the interests of our members and the health sector.

Provide access and choice in healthcare

To ensure that Australians are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality.

Achieve autonomy

To continue governments recognition of the comprehensive role private hospitals have in providing a full range of healthcare services and their commitment to adequate self-regulation and review – thus ensuring the highest standards in quality care.

Promote the role of private hospitals

To adopt all measures necessary to emphasise the rightful place of private hospitals in Australia’s unique balanced health care system.

Drive excellence

To champion the cause of private hospitals in delivering the very best in hospital care to patients.

Sustainable change

To promote and protect the interests of private hospitals, their owners and operators, and to proactively interact with members, to ensure private health care continues to be dynamic in meeting the ever-changing needs of the Australian community.

What we do

We play an active role in engagement with policy makers, legislators and regulators, exchanging information and knowledge.


Promote and recognise the highest professional and ethical standards, health service delivery achievements and innovative medical and non-medical treatments for the betterment of patient and community wellbeing.


Initiate, foster and maintain a consultative, cooperative and communicative approach to dealing with governments, bureaucracies, other health and health-related organisations, media, community groups and the public.


Stimulate greater awareness of private hospital excellence through improved communication between hospitals and the Australian community.


Act as the principal coordinating and peak lobbying body for private hospitals and day surgery facilities.


Encourage and facilitate united positions among member and non-member private hospitals, as well as all other relevant bodies, to achieve consensus in the policies and issues advanced.

Why we do this

Private hospitals are a vital partner, with public hospitals, in Australia’s health system.

Australia’s health system is funded by governments, private hospital owners and operators and private health insurance payments. Our balanced system of public and private care provides access to health services delivered predominately by private practitioners in private settings. Hospital care and treatment is delivered in both the public and private sectors. People who choose to insure their health care take pressure off the public hospital system, and off the taxpayer. The government offers a rebate on health insurance costs.

APHA seeks to bring rigorous, thoughtful and consistent views into the public policy arena. Whilst always aware of, and responsive to, the immediate concerns of members, APHA also understands that as a peak body operating in an important sector of the economy, we have a responsibility to put forward proposals that are in the national interest as well as the sectors.