The National Board of the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) is elected biennially. The current Board was elected in October 2020.

APHA board

The APHA Board is drawn from the Council that is elected every two years. Council elections are held in October and the Board elected at the next Council meeting.

APHA Councillors represent the diverse membership of APHA, from large for-profit members, through to small independent and day hospitals.

Dr Lachlan Henderson

President APHA
Group Chief Executive
Epworth HealthCare

Mr Peter Mott

Vice President APHA / Chair Workforce Taskforce
Chief Executive Officer
Hollywood Private Hospital

Dr Tony Scaramuzza

Board Member
Managing Director
Sydney Surgical Centre

Mr Alan Morrison

Treasurer APHA / Chair Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
Chief Executive Officer
Sportsmed SA Hospital

Ms Christine Gee

Board Member / Chair Psychiatric Committee / Chair Policy and Advocacy Taskforce
Chief Executive Officer
Toowong Private Hospital

Ms Carmel Monaghan

Board Member
Chief Executive Officer – Australia
Ramsay Health Care Australia Pty Ltd

Dr Neale Fong

Board Member
Chief Executive Officer
Bethesda Hospital

Ms Anne Crouch

Board Member
Chief Operating Officer
Cura Day Hospitals Group

Mr Alan Cooper

Board Member
Chief Executive Officer
Friendly Society Private Hospital

Mr Tim Yeoh

Board Member
Chief Executive Officer
Healthe Care Surgical Pty Ltd


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Annual Reports

The Annual Report covers the areas of APHA activity over the past 12 months, including on the policy, public affairs, lobbying and advocacy fronts, as well as the financial performance of the Association.