APHA advocates for the private hospital industry through active engagement with policy makers, legislators and regulators.

Our overarching principles


The maintenance of balance and choice in Australian health care through both publicly funded services and support for private health insurance.


The right of patients, their families and carers to access safe, high quality health care in all settings in which that care is provided, and the integration of the principles and practices of quality and safety into private and public hospital development, management and service delivery.


The provision of accurate, accessible and timely information to consumers by insurers, health care providers and health care facilities so that they can understand the details of their health cover and their expenses, including any exclusions and out of pocket costs.


The maintenance of the current prohibition on health insurance products with exclusions for palliative, psychiatric and rehabilitation care, as consumers cannot readily assess their risk in these areas.


A truly national approach to the collection of data, under which one body is tasked to develop a single data collection that is consistent across both public and private sectors and enables this data to inform policy development and planning by Governments and private services providers and operators.


A national approach to health workforce issues to ensure an adequate supply of health care professionals across all sectors, and to foster post graduate training and education of Australia’s health workforce.