APHA 39th National Congress

Sunday 3 April –
Tuesday 5 April 2022

Adelaide Convention Centre

Care when you need us

Private psychiatric hospitals care for 43,000 Australians with mental illness every year.

APHA staff have returned to the Secretariat office in a staggered capacity and not all staff are on-site every day.

Staff will be in the office to answer your calls on Wednesday and Thursday. On other days of the week, if you know the mobile number of the person you wish to contact, please call them.

Otherwise, contact:
info@apha.org.au to have your query directed immediately.

Media inquiries:
Frith Rayner 0413 971 999

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Our purpose

The Australian Private Hospital Association's (APHA) core purpose is to: ensure the ongoing development of the private hospital industry.

APHA strives to:


Ensure that Australians are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality.


Champion the cause of private hospitals in delivering the very best in hospital care to patients.


Continue governments recognition of the comprehensive role private hospitals have in providing a full range of healthcare services and their commitment to adequate self-regulation and review – thus ensuring the highest standards in quality care.


Promote and protect the interests of private hospitals, their owners and operators, and to proactively interact with members, to ensure private health care continues to be dynamic in meeting the ever-changing needs of the Australian community.


Adopt all measures necessary to emphasise the rightful place of private hospitals in Australia’s unique balanced health care system.


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Faster access to care, choice of doctor and a private room are just some benefits of accessing high quality private hospital care.